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Buy the best quality 1 Pack CHILDREN'S FABRIC FACE MASK  consumer grade KIDS or CHILDREN'S FACE MASKS at Florida Mask Supply today.

The CHILDREN'S FABRIC FACE MASK is made with premium fabrics and comes with graphic designs printed on the CHILDREN'S FABRIC FACE MASK. The CHILDREN'S FABRIC FACE MASK is designed for a comfortable fit while protecting your children from harmful bacteria and dust allergens if worn properly. Each purchase is a pack of 1 CHILDREN'S FABRIC FACE MASK. Buy CHILDREN'S FABRIC FACE MASK cheaper from Florida Mask Supply to see why everyone loves us. The CHILDREN'S FABRIC FACE MASK is re-usable so you can wash it and re-use it as necessary.

DISPOSABLE MASKS are also termed as FACE MASKS, which are used as tools to prevent airborne diseases for staying safe in a contagious environment. These MASKS are loosely fitted cloth to cover the nose and mouth of an individual. FACE MASKS can also be used to stay away from general cough or sneezing as it may release a number of germs that may cause sickness. As the name itself suggests the product is DISPOSABLE, they are effective only till a certain amount of time. The FACE MASK should be replaced when they become moist and should be disposed of in the trash.

Follow the instructions below on how to put on a 3-PLY FACE MASK

  1. Make sure that you are cleaning your hand either with sanitizer or hand wash before touching the mask.
  2. Check the product thoroughly for no obvious tears or holes in either side of the mask.
  3. Then look for the stiff bendable edge, which will be considered as the top of your mask that will be meant to mold the shape of your nose. 
  4. Spread out the mask and you will find two ear loops on either side, which are used to hang on both sides of the ear.
  5. The last step is to pull the mask to your lower jaw to obtain an immediate three- dimensional breathing space.
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